painting: a Carolina wren, and sheep

What a little sweetheart. His many stripes and complicated pattern were quite the challenge! I painted from a reference photo shared by Kim Sheaffer. 8″x8″ oil on cradled wood board. Available here. SOLD, thank you!  I stuck to a limited color palette, and this one came out exactly as I imagined. So pretty! I paintedContinue reading “painting: a Carolina wren, and sheep”

paintings: a hare, waterlilies, and a bee

I’ve been concentrating on working with a loose style. I tend to try to paint too precise (whether or not you can see it) and letting go of “it has to look real” is difficult for me. The blue sky in the above painting looks especially bright, and is not captured well in my photoContinue reading “paintings: a hare, waterlilies, and a bee”

paintings: a horse laugh, a goldfinch, and a squirrel

I’m trying to list a painting a day through the summer, and don’t want to overload my subscribers’ (thank you!) email with too many posts. So I am stacking multiple paintings into one blog post. Would you rather see them as one a day? I know people can just delete, but one post a dayContinue reading “paintings: a horse laugh, a goldfinch, and a squirrel”

paintings: an indigo bunting, and a palomino

I spotted my first indigo bunting where I live, but of course did not have my camera on me. Maybe next time! 8″10″ oil on cradled wood board. SOLD, thank you! I painted from a photo shared by Terry Colby. What a shy glance from a lovely palomino. I love the way the short maneContinue reading “paintings: an indigo bunting, and a palomino”

painting: a horseshoe, and a daisy still life

 I zeroed in on the lovely shoe on this horse because it seemed unusual to me–extra flattened as though long worn. The horse was a draft breed, who appeared used to working. Horseshoes are symbols of good fortune, and I love to paint them! That little hint of tail swoosh brings it all together. IContinue reading “painting: a horseshoe, and a daisy still life”

painting: an oriole, and a roan horse

Didn’t he turn out lovely? Such vibrant colors. The bland background helps make him “pop.” I painted from a photo shared by Roy Heron. 8″x10″ oil on cradled wood board. Available in my Etsy shop, here. SOLD, thank you! I love painting roan horses because all the little speckles are so much fun, subtly changingContinue reading “painting: an oriole, and a roan horse”