at the Ouachita quilt show (part 3)

parts 1 and 2, available here

and here.

Embroidery! I think this whole quilt is hand-stitched, including the quilting. What a labor of love.

I like how the pumpkins turn both left and right, so when used as a table runner it looks good from both this way and that.

Personally, I think I would use it as a wall hanging. Can’t ever have enough seasonal color going on.

I wonder how old the pattern for the above ladies is? Southern belles, seems very timeless. Adding the pleats to make their skirts more dimensional would be satisfying.

A little male version of the Sunbonnet Sue. What is this pattern called?

I love the colors in this wall hanging, and the repetitive bug motif. This one would be exciting to put together, too.

I’m glad there were so many wall hangings–usually quilt shows are more bed-topper oriented. A wall hanging can cover a lot of ground, and add such a pop of warmth to any wall.

Sweet little three-dimensional rose buds….

Oooh, spring colors!

If I remember right, this memory quilt embroidered with the names of parishioners was a gift to a pastor. What a sweet idea, and such a treasure!

There will be one more post, coming soon….


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