at the Ouachita quilt show (part 2)

We continue our stroll through the quilt show, starting with a tee-shirt quilt. The use of cheddar and orange background fabrics keeps this cohesive, and I think it works well. Someone’s high school memories, ready to keep him company in his next stage of life.

Americana, my favorite!

Green and blue, hmm. You might not have noticed, but green is not my thing. When I see other people use it, I have to applaud because I find it so daring and fiddly at the same time. I love the house blocks, they hide and fit right in. Maybe it’s a “my home town” design, with the chains making up the connecting streets….love at the center. Yup.

I voted this one my favorite in the peoples’ choice contest. I love the use of homespun scraps, the log cabin blocks with the traditional red center, and the overall “homey” red white and blue. It feels like this could belong in any settler’s cabin for the last 300 years.

I’m not sure if this is a Hawaiian pattern, or just a fern, or a leaf. With the use of batik fabric, it feels Hawaiian to me. So summery and beach-y.

Ooh, lots of birdies! I love the redwing blackbirds. The flying geese pulls it all together, echoing the red wings. Super job!

This one was one of my favorites, too. A camping quilt, maybe made from the shirts of someone special.

The notes on this crazy quilt said it had been begun in the 1950s, and finished up recently. All those little hen tracks….Whew!

(More to come)


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