sewing: Halloween pennants

I made this bunting earlier this year. I try to do something a little different with these every time I make one, but there’s only so much you can do. Spooky buttons, and torn cloth strips add a decrepit feel. Over time, the strips will become more raggedy, fingers crossed.

I’ve been collecting fabrics to make a Halloween quilt, but haven’t collected enough. I’m trying to avoid the cutesy images but retain the spooky feel.

That said, none of the above fabrics will be in the quilt. I love the absinthe green. These are all Walmart prints this year.

I bought three fat quarters. Each fat quarter makes four pennants. The placement works great for non-directional prints, but if one has a very clear direction–like the assorted spooky characters above–then one of your pennants will have to be upside down, and another one will be slightly sideways.

I don’t think anyone stands around studying the design once it’s hanging up, so I am not a perfectionist about having every pennant perfect. If I were selling these, then yes, I would make sure every one were perfect. For me–I’m okay with not having to buy extra fabric.



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