mspt: Halloween ribbon wreath

I’ve noticed these wreaths for several years now, but hadn’t sat down to figure out how to make one. Luckily for me, there’s plenty of tutorials on YouTube now demonstrating in under seven minutes. Perfect!

So it’s my first attempt, and you can see gravity plays a part in how it all settles a little bit. There’s only pipe cleaners holding everything down to the wire wreath form, so yeah, gravity. I do need to tuck away a couple of those pipe cleaners, I see….

I learned that you’d better buy supplies for these when you see them (thank you Dollar Tree!) because they quickly are snapped up by other shoppers and no, not restocked.

Dollar Tree did not have the flowers this year, but Walmart did. I was very happy to see the black leaves, because otherwise I would have had to buy twice as many flower sticks.

I’ve started on a Christmas version, so let’s hope my skills improve quickly! 😀

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