sewing: pencil pouches

Time for some back-to-school sewing!

I’ve been saving my selvedge cuttings for a while, and haven’t settled on a project to incorporate them all. Pouches are quick, and the assortment of colors are perfect to jazz up something otherwise ordinary.

I think the cherry-blossom pouch is the best size to hold the most pencils, and was a requested fabric. I don’t like the tiny zipper pull, but I was using zippers from my thrifted collection (boy, does a big bag of zippers for $2 have endless possibilities!). The zipper pull itself has a tiny hole in the end, so small I can’t figure out what to feed through it to make it more graspable. Any ideas? I think would accept one of those ball-link keychains, but it might be even too small for that, and I don’t have one.

I finished all the bags with decorative hand-stitching, to stop the lining from riding up and catching in the zipper. How many garments and bags have you had that happen with? I hate that, because then the lining gets ripped.

So how about you? Are you ready for school?

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