watching: Four Star Playhouse, episode

While I’m sitting painting, I like to watch old shows. Four Star Playhouse is from the mid-1950s, sharing episodic stories utilizing the same actors in different roles. Dick Powell, Ida Lupino, David Niven, Charles Boyer. Some of the stories are outstanding. I love how Ida Lupino acts in wildly different roles–sometimes I have to ask, “Is that Ida, or another lady?” and it’s usually her.

Anyway, my sentimental side loves this episode. A pickpocket with a heart of gold, and a lovely ending. Charles Boyer is always worth watching, too. Swoon. (Sorry, if there’s commercials!)

2 thoughts on “watching: Four Star Playhouse, episode

    1. This series is more hit than miss — I’ve never heard of it before. I put together that “four star playhouse” refers to the four leading actors (stars) who helm most of the episodes. Look for early Blake Edwards stories, too.

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