painting: succulents

hens & chicks 11″x14″

Intent on broadening my painting range, I stepped out of my comfort zone and picked an image with a lot of green. Some people make green look so effortless (see also: red), but for me, there is so much subtlety going on, that I don’t quite know how to blend it. Or maybe it’s because green occupies a space on the value scale that seems to fit nowhere–it’s right in the middle, yes, so should be able to substitute for blue or red, but just somehow doesn’t. Green is a mystery to me. In this painting, there’s blue shadows to indicate depth, and each leaf is ringed in coral. I thought the contrasts were pretty, and I think I finished up successfully, if I do say so, myself. I painted from a reference photo shared by Ariel Reed. 11″x14″ Oil on cradled wood board, available here. SOLD, thank you.


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