3 paintings: a crow, a horse, a pug

familiar 12″x12″

I didn’t save the name of the person who took the reference photo (bad Sandra), but it was a photo shared on Free Reference Photos for Artists. 12″x12″ oil on cradled wood board. Available in my Etsy shop. I love how the moment is very different from most crow images.

mussed 11″X14″

From a photo shared by the wonderful Gary Odell. The high shadow contrast, and the piect-y mane really make this one spark. 11″x14″ oil on stretched canvas. Available here. SOLD, Thank you!

8″x8″ Hector’s Happy Face

Lastly, a happy face shared by Sharon Shirlaw. Do I need to paint more dogs? I guess every week is a little different, and whatever grabs my attention. 8″x8″ oil on cradled wood board, available here.


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