sewing: summertime bunting

I started this one months ago. I knew I wanted the color of apples–red and green. I have plenty of red fabric, so that’s easy. Green, on the other hand…I don’t have very much. And then fabric with a fresh, carefree, bright and cheery theme–definitely not so easy.

So I put together nine flags, and then had to wait for the right green fabric to come along. And wait, and wait.

I’ve also been quite lucky while out thrift store shopping, lately. I found a jar full of (mostly) old buttons, so I was quite thankful. There were ten of these engraved pearl ones, below. I’d say they are an inch and a quarter diameter, so a really good size for this kind of project.

The reverse side is a solid sage color. I like to have the reverse side be a coordinating color, just in case I hang the banner in such a way that it flaps in the wind, or maybe dips low across a door frame so you can see it both coming and going.

There’s that one red button. I had only eleven pearl buttons, but I thought the red one worked well. It saves everything from being all matchy-matchy.

Summertime apple colors. Can’t wait for summer to start!

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