Christmastime Sewing

My wall hanging was begun at the beginning of the Covid time. I ran out of perl cotton. I absolutely could not order any online. So the quilting around the tree edges was completed with 3 different kinds of threads. I guess it marks what year I made this wall hanging with an easy way to remember the time, right?

The fabrics are mostly 2019 Walmart prints. A few others, but I wanted to make something quickly and cheaply. That whole Covid thing threw a monkey wrench into my plan. It drew out the work time on this by several months of waiting and hoping for stores to restock.
These wonky Christmas trees were all the rage last year. Maybe they are still popular this year? Simple and easy to sew, and very happy.

I’m also trying to sew flag bunting for all the holidays. I love these. When they start to look a little worn out, I rotate them to outside the house where they begin their life anew and make outside a little happier.

That red gingham is Walmart and Pioneer Woman. Did you know Pioneer Woman has a few fabrics out? The gingham is perfect. I may have to buy a little bit more so I’m ready for Valentine sewing….

Happy Christmas birdies, too. Love those! I don’t remember the name of the fabric line–I may have bought a fat quarter, which did not have the selvedge edge. Little moose were also last year’s Walmart fabric. This year my local store isn’t stocking holiday fabrics–I don’t know if that’s nationwide or not. No Thanksgiving or Halloween fabric, which was a disappointment.

Oh, and do you see the jingle bells sewn between each point? I was mixing things up, instead of using my usual button embellishments.

Are you ready for Christmas? ???

2 thoughts on “Christmastime Sewing

    1. I like the tree wall hanging. If you made that into Christmas cards I think it would appeal to quilters. Just a thought.

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