drunkard’s path quilt

I have been in love with Denyse Schmidt fabrics for a long time. I see her described as “vintage” style, but I think that’s true only insofar as the 1930s borrowed a lot from Japanese designs. Looking at my assortment below, do you think so, too?


I knew I wanted to use a quilt block that was fairly large, so the fabric wouldn’t be broken up into bitty pieces, but showcased the fabric designs.

I love a drunkard’s path block, so went with it.


I had enough of the echinacea fabric to back two lap blankets. Really really love this fabric.


The finished size is 50″x58″, and it is quilted in my usual diamond pattern.

Terrific color combo to take one into autumn.

It is unwashed, so has yet to fluff up and crinkle in that delightful quilty way. Top of the line fabrics will get softer and softer over time.


Available in my etsy shop. 😀

3 thoughts on “drunkard’s path quilt

    1. Absolutely gorgeous! The fabrics are bright and beautiful. I agree with your opinion of the retro 30’s inspiration.

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