All the Romance Quilted Throw

I made two lap quilts using these fabrics. I was so happy with the first, I did it all again–differently.

Florals large and small. Romantic colors in warm, muted shades. A touch of blue and gray–but not too much.


I went to my stash of vintage embroidered linens, and pulled out a few to cut up and use as embellishment. You can see a sweep of linen doily there below.

(Don’t tell the other fabrics, but that bright red rose is one of my favorites–from the Lecien Flower/Sugar line. I’ve never been able to find that pattern again, either.



In the low light, it still looks so prettily shabby chic.


More doily edging below. I matched it with solid squares to add interest and texture.


The reverse side is made from four different fabrics. I didn’t have enough of the blue, so added neutrals which would not compete visually.


Here it is in bright sunlight. Lighting for these things is always a challenge–getting the colors to reproduce right, and not have too much shadow going on.


The size is 56-inches by 48-inches. It is all cotton, and a summer-weight throw. Pretty over the back of your couch, or a chair. It’s in my etsy shop now. 🙂

2 thoughts on “All the Romance Quilted Throw

    1. The squares once sewn into 9-patch makes the project quick and easy to complete (relative to other quilt patterns, anyway). Choosing the fabrics is always the most enjoyable part. Sewing the binding, too–I guess starting and finishing are the best parts. All the in-between is a little bit of a slog. 🙂

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