baby quilt in forest colors


I had in mind a “walk through the woods” when I pulled the scrap fabrics to use for this baby quilt. Colors to remind one of nature, with a few florals and little animals to play I-Spy with.


I hand-quilted the layers in a diamond-pattern, as you can see above.

My intent was to be gender-neutral, because nature is for everyone.


Don’t you love the backing fabric? It’s called “Echinacea Glow” and it comes in many different color-ways. One of them is heavy on the blue/purple and just POPs, but I had in mind this sort of natural colors so chose the olive background version. I’ll probably go back and buy the purple, too, but I don’t know what I’d use it for–it’s loveliness makes it hard to pass up. 🙂


I have listed my baby quilt in my etsy shop. The dimensions are 35″x39″, with all new fabrics, unwashed. Very lightweight, perfect for spreading on the floor for diaper changing or traveling. The more you wash it, the softer and crinklier it will become.

Thank you for looking. 🙂

4 thoughts on “baby quilt in forest colors

    1. Thank you! Sometimes I think my fabric stash is big enough, but then I go to pull colors and I find I have not..quite…enough. Good things there’s so many wonderful designers out there making it fun to buy fabric.

  1. The backing on the baby quilt is so colorful and fun. I have pink echinacea blooming in the yard now. Cute bird feeder too.

    1. I looked for echinacea colors other than purple this year, but found only one red plant. The nursery availability this year was pretty stunted in my area. I was glad to find just one.

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