a table runner with little birds

I bought the bird fabric with no project in mind–I just thought they were so sweet, and that the right project would eventually come along. The fabric’s name is “All a Twitter” although I don’t remember the manufacturer. The name is such a natural, it was hard to forget. 🙂


Then I was cutting up fabric, just to have it ready to go for future projects. The little bits were left-overs from 5″ squares. I cut these into 2″x5″ pieces and set them aside, thinking they’d be good for something. I’ve got a pile about 6-inches high, so there’s plenty for projects. I did not cut up the bird fabric, thinking it would be good as a larger piece for something….

Cutting up fabric and having it ready to go paid off. It is so easy to find exactly what I want (or close enough) and I don’t have to fool around with looking through fabric piles, and cutting each piece. It’s all ready to go and makes the project quick and satisfying!


I had just the right little pieces to accent the colors present in the birds.

Lovely for fall, or late summer.



The dimensions are 41″ by 13″, with a layer of cotton batting between two fabric layers.

It’s for sale in my etsy shop. 🙂

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