sewing with Tilda fabrics

I’ve found my sewing mojo, and have been inspired by new fabric purchases.

Tilda’s collection “Bon Voyage,” released earlier this spring, features bunnies. It’s been at least five years since she’s used rabbits in a collection, so of course I had to stock up!

I love the bunnies, but was a little less enthused by the medallion prints. They left me sort of “meh,” you know? That’s all on me, of course, and I’m sure lots of other people are excited by the patterns.


Now that I have so many different Tilda fabrics to work with, it was time to make a quilt!

Flying geese allowed the pieces to be large enough to let the fabric patterns take center stage. Each block is 9″ by 4-1/2″.


I think I used Tilda collections, Apple Butter, Harvest, and Bon Voyage. I know there’s a fourth one there, but I don’t recall the name. There’s little birds, and of course the bunnies.



The reverse is a fabric named Fable, I don’t recall the manufacturer, which features bunnies and squirrels. I love the color, an ethereal sky blue. Of course I love being able to showcase so many bunnies in one quilt! I purchased the fabric from Lark Cottons in Portland, she has a very responsive shop and is quick to ship.


Tah-dah! I finally purchased labels for my sewing! I waffled over the name I should use, and decided since I’ve been using mybunnies3 for my painting shop name for 20 years, I’d keep it up for my sewing, too.


The finished size of the quilt is 51″x57″ before its first washing. A good size for a lap quilt, or to throw over the back of your couch. The cotton batting is summer weight. I’ve listed it in my etsy shop.

Perfect for a picnic blanket, or just to make any place a little bit more lovely.



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