summer sewing

I’ve noticed this pattern popping up on a lot of blogs. I think we all had the same idea, how this was the perfect happy scene to work on while we’re staying home. Available here, a free pattern from Moda.


Happy houses, colorful, fun. To help make it seem like everything is right with the world. Or will be, soon.

I added a couple happy little trees, as Bob Ross would say.


I quilted using wavy lines. Something was going wrong with the tension in my machine. The thread pulled, and the walking foot could not compensate. The fabric is stretched here and there, so it is sewing just for me. That was my intent, anyway, but it is nice when you can give things away, too.


Yay, a new wall hanging for summer! This will always be a remembrance of the spring we stayed home. Quite the weight for such a simple item to carry, isn’t it?


Oh, and I got the binding wrong, too. The striped fabric had the stripes running the wrong way–this is really unusual, so I didn’t even think about it as I was cutting out my binding strips. But my mitered corners came out correctly, thank goodness.


I’m just glad it’s finished. Now on to something else!

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