Saturday musings

I’ve been using my time to sew. I think I already mentioned this.

Cut out lots of squares and strips of fabric, stacked them up and then put them aside.

Came back again with a plan.

Somewhere along the way I had the idea that in quilting, the Log Cabin block is the lazy man’s block. So I stayed away from using it.

I think someone way back when I was in highschool must have said that out loud, and I just accepted it as true. It’s a simple block, right? Strips laid down. Over and over.


Then I saw a pretty finished quilt on a blog, and I thought, “I would like to make that.” So I started working on Log Cabin blocks. One after the other.

Let me tell you, they are time-intensive. There is no way this is a “lazy” quilt. Plus, they use a LOT of fabric, so it is also not an inexpensive quilt.


I’ve even had to scrap several blocks after I sewed a mistake. If the mistake is early on, I toss the block. If it’s towards the end, I’ll fix it. How is it possible to make a mistake in such a simple design? Probably tired, I guess. If I make a couple mistakes in a row, I’ll pack it in for the evening.


I’m working on two quilt tops. One with saturated colors, and the other with mid-tones. It’s a versatile block, and terrific for using up all the scraps.


I’m almost ashamed to say that I never knew about squaring up a block. How crazy is that? How many mistakes I’ve made could have been simply fixed? Thank goodness for the internet, and people sharing.


Moving on, this little guy hangs out in our mulberry tree. I don’t wear my glasses around the house and leave them in the car, so I can’t quite make him out as more than a flash of red. I try and get him with my camera, but he’s quick. Wouldn’t you know the one day he holds still (probably because he thinks he’s hidden) I had my camera set to “macro?”


I caught this guy on another day. He didn’t mind me taking his photo, so I got a lot of poses. I could tell he was a cardinal, even though I couldn’t quite make him out, either. His body shape was different from the other bird (can you tell me what kind the other one is?).


And lastly, a lovely floribunda. It’s a slow bloomer, and it’s so hot here lately that the flowers are gone in a couple days. Lovely while showing, though.


Are you keeping busy? I have to admit, I’m ready to be done making Log Cabin blocks. Eight more to go today, and I just want them done so I can move on to something else…!


3 thoughts on “Saturday musings

  1. What size are the finished block quilts? That tool with the orange part is that a scissors or something else . Never saw that before. Out of the sewing circle for too long.

  2. The blocks are 9″ square. The tool is a rotary cutter. It cuts well, but the blades are expensive and don’t last long. Makes cutting fabric go quickly and accurately, though.

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