shutdown sewing

The frustrating thing about the stores being closed, or low on stock, is that even though I stocked up on thread going into this thing (and so glad I did), I still ran out of fabric before projects were completed. I don’t like to buy too much of anything, but why in the world I didn’t think I should buy a whole bolt of white cotton in advance of this thing–well, I sure should have thought that one through.

I use white all the time. I like quilts accented with white. But I didn’t, so I have projects half completed, waiting.

I tried shopping other vendors online, fully knowing that *white* can mean many, many, many different hues. I need exactly the same brand as I initially bought, or the white won’t match. But I’m trying. My first attempt didn’t match. Luckily, I bought enough to complete another project I’ve been waiting to get to.

I bought an assortment of white from another vendor, but it’s been 18 days and it hasn’t shipped yet. I’m on pins and needles about that.

So, just to use my time wisely, I went through the fabric I actually DO have on hand. And I cut it up. Into squares, into strips, and started playing with it.







Every day, I try to find a way to use my precious time wisely.

Slow down, don’t be impatient, use what you have.

Probably the way we should always live, but forget to.

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