I was just remembering how years ago, at least 20 at this point (whuh???) when I was selling paintings on eBay (which I no longer do, the market changed and is not a place for self-supporting artists anymore–or at least not *this* one) I would now and then get an email from someone asking something along the lines of, “I love your art but can’t afford to buy it, would it be okay if I used this digital image as my screen saver?” which I thought was awfully nice and charming. Who wouldn’t like to be asked? Of course I said, Go Ahead. Because it is so easy just to right click and drag to your desktop and hey-presto, the digital image is yours now.

That was before Pinterest. Nowadays, I don’t think anyone thinks twice about saving an image–we just do. Twenty years ago when the internet was still new, people were concerned about copyrights, and stealing. Nowadays, well, it is what it is.

One of those times, I received an email from someone who said she was a high school art teacher and she wanted to use one of my images in a slideshow to demonstrate something to her students–would it be okay if she used one of my digital images? I said yes, and again was charmed to have been asked.

I never did ask her what point she wanted to demonstrate–back then I was painting in yellow/red/blue. I thought it must have been something to do with primary colors, because it was so obvious.

Anyway, fifteen years and half the country away later, two missionaries came visiting, and I let them in. I think if a missionary is driven enough to knock on doors and share the gospel, I can make a few minutes to hear about it. It must be hard having everyone say, “No,” and shut the door all day. I figure I can give encouragement wherever I can.

One of the missionaries noticed a painting on my wall and asked, “Did you paint that?” and I said I did. By this time I was painting in all colors, not just red/blue/yellow. He asked if I had let an art teacher use my images for her class, and I vaguely remembered having done so. I don’t remember if he asked me if my name was Sandra Spencer, but he might have. I just remember being stunned, and he said he’d been in a high school class and remembered seeing my paintings. He was happy about the serendipitous meeting, and said his teacher would get a kick out of the story when he told her he’d come to my house and talked to me.

I don’t know how that all ended for him.

I just think it’s a *really* small world.

One thought on “musing

  1. Wow, I’m glad you allowed the use of your art. That’s a cool story, you can’t make that up. Love your use of color and that’s what propelled me to contact you all those years ago to paint my Dalmatian. Thanks for sharing.

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