sewing little bags


It’s difficult to throw away fabric scraps when they are from such pretty fabric. Who knows, maybe one day I might use them, right?

I chain stitched my little HSTs and set them aside.


The day came when I thought I’d better use them. I find once cut, edges start to fray, so fabric has it’s own expiration date.

I made little gift bags. Perfect size for jewelry, or some other small treasure.


The closure is meant to have a drawstring, but I can’t find the right kind of cording and finishing is going to have to wait until stores reopen. That’s going to be soon, right?



I love this style of sewing, so you see me returning to it again and again. I’m out of that heavy-grain beige fabric now, and can’t find it, either, so I will be moving on to something else…for now.






The below bag is larger, and would be perfect size for storing wedding slippers. Isn’t that a romantic idea? You’re never going to wear them again, but you save them forever in your closet, tucked into this pretty bag. Years later, your children find them and play with them and tuck them back inside the bag.

I know, I’m romantic that way.






I’ve run out of white fabric, too, so my red/white quilt is on hold.

While it’s nice to have the time to be home, we’re going a little stir crazy. I guess like everybody else. Running out of things, little by little, and hoping the store will be restocked. Some days it is, but most of the time I go home with items left on the list for our next trip.

I hope everyone is holding up okay. And using this time to get things done! 🙂


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