rounding home

Another project–DONE!

Remember I started this with the 3-D sunflower?


I couldn’t have only one 3-D element, because there’s no balance to just one, so I added some yoyo flowers around the edges.


I thought I would make a flowing swath of yoyo flowers, but it turns out they are boring to work on, so I kept them to the minimum visually acceptable.


Here’s a close-up of the hand quilting. I used all-purpose quilting thread, which is stronger than normal thread, but not a lot thicker and didn’t show up especially well. After I wash it and the cotton wrinkles up, it will hopefully show the stitches more clearly.


Altogether, I’m glad it’s done. It was a LOT of hand-sewing. It’s 5-foot square, and is now a wall hanging.

I’m still not sold on the use of aqua, but it is what it is.


I plan on using it for my “spring” wall hanging. Now I just need to make wall hangings to cover the rest of the holidays and seasons… 😉


I am sooooo ready for my next project!


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