iris note

I bought this kind of iris bulbs through a fancy mail order catalog fifteen years ago. I loved them, each bulb produced a single flower perfect for cutting. In the catalog, it was called a “Japanese Iris,” and I thought maybe it was special since it has a bulb rather than a rhizome. Perhaps not a true iris? I’m not sure. But then year over year, the bulbs dwindled away, until finally I had only one bloom the last year.

I don’t know if it’s because I was in zone five, and the winters were just too cold. I do suspect that’s it. Every winter, people would say, “This year is a lot colder, for a lot longer, than usual.” After fifteen years, I concluded that the winters must be normal, and everyone just forgot quite how cold it could be.

This year I found my fancy bulbs at the Dollar Tree. Yep, four bulbs for a dollar. I don’t usually have much luck with Dollar Tree seeds–but when it’s four packages for a dollar, you can’t really go wrong, either. I took a chance on the bulbs, and then bought some more. I could see emerging growth on about 25% of the bulbs, so it seems likely they will produce flowers.


This is my public service heads up, because this is a lovely flower I’d like everyone to have a patch of in their garden. Especially if you like to cut flowers for vases. I’m very happy to have found them again, and especially so reasonably priced.

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