knitting, and then some more

I finished knitting the mitts and had plenty of yarn left over, so went on and knit a cowl. I prefer a cowl to a scarf, because you don’t have the long ends flopping all over. Sometimes a scarf is the right thing, but a cowl tucks into your coat and covers your neck and that’s it.


The brighter green is the true color–I don’t know why the close-ups are washing out.



I was so happy with the green cowl, that I scoured etsy looking for special yarn. I found this art yarn, and thought it would be just the thing.


Aren’t the color changes wonderful?

The seller recommended using size 17 needles, but the largest I have are 11s, so I went with that.






The cowl is a little on the bulky side, but it works.

And isn’t it so, so pretty?



2 thoughts on “knitting, and then some more

  1. That yarn would make a cute/nice head band like the skiers wear to cover just their ears. Multicolored and would pretty much go with any color jacket.

    1. I have just enough yarn left over to make one of those–great minds think alike, because I was searching for a pattern. I found one that I’ll have to adapt, so I’m trying to figure out how to do that.

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