a little progress

I flubbed the flying geese, I admit that right now.



I had sewed flying geese for something else, but that was months ago, and in my memory the math on them was one way, when reality was entirely different.

I cut out all the fabric and did my sample sewing…afterward. All that fabric, cut out and ready to go.

So I forged ahead, and lost the points.



I realize now how I could have salvaged them and made everything come out perfect. But on the day I was sewing, I did not think about it too hard. Once you’re in the zone, you shrug and just go with it.

One of those things, where you realize the answer much too late.

There seems to be a lot of that in life, doesn’t there?



The tulips will be sewn on by hand. My local Walmart never has staff for the fabric section (and I mean NEVER) so I haven’t been able to buy that really thin interfacing people use to help make the appliqué an easy process. I’m thinking I’ll just wing it…my usual fall back.


I’m still not sold on all the teal, but I use white all the time and just wanted to do something different. I think I would have been happier using white.

Sometimes there’s a comfort zone for a reason. 😉

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