flirty little Christmas trees

A brand new year. 2020. I intend to get a LOT more projects finished this year. When I put together my photo compendium of last year’s projects, I noticed there was not one quilt completed.

That’s a little disheartening, you know? This year–well, fingers crossed I’ll have more time for projects. I’ll have to carve out time, if I have to. Remember there’s that quote, “Getting old is realizing you’ll never own all the dogs you want to?” I adjusted that a little bit to, “Getting old is realizing you’ll never make all the quilts you want to.”

The best we can do is fit in as much as we can.




I’ve wanted to make this Christmas quilt for the last two years. Not so much the process of making it, but just having the finished project hanging on my wall. Sometimes projects are for enjoying the process, and others it’s for the finished product.


Cheery colors to add a splash of holiday pizzazz to a wall. Or maybe as a table cloth, if it turns out large enough. But my intent is to hang it on the wall.



I think 80% of the fabrics are Walmart pre-cuts. I picked them up because they were just right for the trees. And those moose look holiday-special, too.









Not quite finished because I don’t have batting, but it came together in one day. Which, for me, is pretty phenomenal. Every time I thought I’d put it aside, I told myself, “Just one more step.” And then it was all pieced and I was so happy. At least I know I will have ONE quilt finished this year, even if it’s a small one.

I used this free tutorial. The blocks were 7-1/2×9-1/2 and trimmed down to 6×8.

Happy New year, everyone! Here’s to getting things done!

3 thoughts on “flirty little Christmas trees

  1. I’ve been putting fat quarters by for a couple years. I just found two more whites, which I couldn’t locate while sewing, darn it. I want to make a wreath wall hanging, too, so they’ll still be put to use….

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