painting: horse friends (11/16/19)

We’re rounding down to the end of the year, and I’m working on Christmas requests. I hate that I can’t share the finished images with you, but you never know that the recipient of the gift might not stumble across the image and have the surprise ruined. So you won’t get to see them until my end-of-the-year compilation of the whole year’s works. But rest assured, I’ve painted some very nice doggies. 🙂


These friendly horses are available in my Etsy shop now. I usually do not paint with the color red, but am trying to incorporate it here and there. I find it difficult to match the values against other colors. In the above painting, I like the little bit of blue shadow created by the ear of the red horse cast over the white muzzle of his friend.

18″x18″, oil on stretched canvas. Thanks for looking.

One thought on “painting: horse friends (11/16/19)

  1. Hello Sandra,

    How are you doing in Tennessee? How is your daughter adapting at the school she is attending?

    I finally attended a Writing Group meeting after several months of absence and found out that you moved!

    Hoping that you can soon (if not already) say that the move was worth it!


    Anna Rademacher

    Cell 541-561-4282

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