painting: horse friends (11/16/19)

We’re rounding down to the end of the year, and I’m working on Christmas requests. I hate that I can’t share the finished images with you, but you never know that the recipient of the gift might not stumble across the image and have the surprise ruined. So you won’t get to see them untilContinue reading “painting: horse friends (11/16/19)”

painting: waterlilies (11/10/19)

I’ve meant to revisit waterlilies this whole past year. I wish I had more time to do all the things I have in mind–I’m looking forward to retirement, when there will be so many more hours (yes, I hear you retired folks snorting with amusement). I hope all sorts of hours will become available, though.Continue reading “painting: waterlilies (11/10/19)”

painting: doe bunny (10/31/19)

We’re round the corner, heading towards 2020. Wow. Two whole decades of the 21st century already gone. Well, mostly, right? Are you ready for Christmas? Not me. Not even close. Maybe you know someone who would appreciate a bunny painting? This one is in colors that are darker than I usually work with, but IContinue reading “painting: doe bunny (10/31/19)”