mspt: lunch bags

I’ve started sewing early for next Christmas, and have a batch of lunch bags in the works.

In my mind, this is the perfect pattern. A free tutorial by Ayu Mills is here.



I spotted the fabric at Walmart, and thought it had a happy, summery feel.

Both the lemons and the gingham are Waverly brand, and a nice, heavy-weight suitable for quilts.



I fell in love with that rick rack pattern, too, and bought a whole yard thinking I would use it for quilt binding. It’s pretty on its own, too, and versatile.



I normally use shoelaces for the pull-ties, but the store was out. I substituted craft ribbon for photo-shoot purposes, and will buy shoelaces before I give them away. The ribbon is too slick, and I don’t think it will hold up well in the washing machine.



Another photo of the rick rack pattern. This isn’t Waverly fabric (I don’t recall the brand), but it’s also a heavy-weight cotton. Its various colors will make it a good accent fabric in many projects. I think any of these three fabrics would make great summer napkins or placemats.

Ooh–I’d better buy more before it’s gone!




Two presents down, and more to come!


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