watching: AMC’s The Terror (2018)

UPDATE: Finished with season one, and while I liked it, the book is MUCH more engrossing and worth your time.

I’m a little late to this party, because we just got Hulu and I was doing the initial poking around to see what is there and stumbled across The Terror. I know I’m behind the times, but really, don’t you love binge watching instead of weekly updates? So we don’t have cable.

Remember I reviewed the book a couple years ago because I LOVED it ? (As far as I am concerned, Dan Simmon’s is one of our best authors, hands down, no argument allowed.)

AMC had the good sense to snap up the rights AND have Ridley Scott come on board–is it possible to be in love with a television crew? Because WOW.  I am not surprised that IMDB has it rated at an almost unheard-of nine stars, because the production is just stellar.

If you love a good story, this is it.

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