mspt: a mug rug and a mat

I’ve wanted a flag-themed mug rug to put on my desk at work for a **long** time. I’d like to rotate these out to match the holiday or season. Even if it’s just sitting under a plant, it makes the office space feel a little cheerier.

I used fabrics from Bonnie & Camille, Handmade, and Lecien, Flower/Sugar, and the dots are Walmart.


I think what took me so long to make these was that I wasn’t sure what to do about the blue stars area. I could have pieced a quilt star, but my stash is not strong on navy nor stars, so what I had on hand wasn’t suitable.


The roses, though, seem appropriate, and pulls it all together in a shabby-chic way.


I’m happy with the mat. Maybe could have made the star area larger? Overall, the piece is about 12″x16″.


I used the same idea for the mug rug. The flowers on blue work a little better, as there is more blue showing.


Someone wrote an article about how people who decorate for the holidays are happier people. What do you think? I thought it couldn’t hurt to try a little harder to step up my decorating game. Maybe it’s true?

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