mspt: make something pretty today – pillowcases

I made two of these, whew, what a lot of work.

Still, I was glad of being able to sit around and keep my hands busy. These turned out so pretty.

I kept the color palette limited so the design wasn’t too complicated, but with enough variation that the result wasn’t cartoonish.


The variegated purple above worked out terrific; I’m always suspect about why anyone would buy variegated, but I picked up more in other colors for other projects after trying it for this. It makes the color changes in those flowers so simple.








I still don’t know how to crochet, so I picked up some cotton lace at the craft store to complete the project. Yep, I made TWO of these.


3 thoughts on “mspt: make something pretty today – pillowcases

  1. Those are so pretty! The variegated purple brought the petals to life.
    Great idea to add lace. I’ve still got pillowcases you made waiting for edging. I hesitate because I don’t know how to make edging that fits a specific size. I am going to get lace now and finish them off!!

  2. I enjoy doing pillow cases. I also enjoy using them on my bed. I starch them the old fashion way and iron them. The kids thinks I am nuts to do all that work. It is more of a labor of love. I do know how to crochet and have collected many edging patterns over the years. There are some very good youtube videos that you can watch and learn to crochet. Thanks for sharing your pictures of your work.

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