pretty things: covered journal

Another friend is moving, so I made a second covered journal.

This time with a Flying geese pattern. I’ve only sewn Flying Geese one other time, and they are surprisingly quick and easy, for a sophisticated look.



I used an obvious pattern toile, and mixed up the part that “shows” when I was assembling the component pieces. The journal cover layers 4 layers which you turn inside-out, and having to double-think which part ends up visible in the end is tricky. At least if you don’t remember the secret: What you see, is what shows when you’re finished. This goat should have been a cute chicken in a tree, sigh.










Altogether, I’m pleased with how it turned out. A slight flaw, but that’s handmade for you.

You remember how, was it the Quakers or the Shakers? would always purposely put a flaw into their projects because they didn’t want to offend G-d by assuming to make something perfect? I don’t have the problem. They all come out imperfect on their own. 😀


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