painting: polish bun (06/25/2018)

I painted a few little pieces by brush this week. I haven’t used a brush in a while, but it came back pretty easily. Well, this style did, anyway. My daughter said, “You’re going backwards,” because I used to paint this style all the time a few years ago. I guess I like it becauseContinue reading “painting: polish bun (06/25/2018)”

mspt: knitted wash cloths

I am trying to fit in a little knitting every day as my zen time. I don’t have anything I particularly need to knit, I have enough scarves (can one ever have too many scarves?) so I am knitting simple washcloths. Quick, easy, and something you always need. This is Peaches & Cream cotton. ItContinue reading “mspt: knitted wash cloths”

mspt: lavender wreath

For those who haven’t been reading forever, “mspt” is “make something pretty today.” I used a wreath frame from the floral section in the dollar store, and ribbon and fresh lavender. You have to gather the lavender on just the right day–too soon, and it’s not fragrant, too late and it’s gone to seed. IContinue reading “mspt: lavender wreath”

fox face quilt square pattern

I have listed my fox quilt pattern on etsy again. I just sort of let it slide to the way-side, but it should be up running constantly, because it’s a good pattern and fits a niche in a way I haven’t seen anyone else do. Please follow the link above and pin to pinterest fromContinue reading “fox face quilt square pattern”

painting: sorrel horse (06/14/18)

Happy Flag Day! Did you get yours hung out yet? I had to run to the store yesterday and buy a new one, because ours was starting to look shabby. Then I put the old one aside, because I know it’s supposed to be disposed of properly, and there probably aren’t boy scouts doing thatContinue reading “painting: sorrel horse (06/14/18)”

painting: bay horse (06/10/2018)

I hope your Saturday is going as beautifully as it is here. Sunny skies, a bit windy, but not too cold and not too hot. The perfect sort of day. 8″x10″ oil on stretched canvas. I love painting bay horses, because so many colors can go into their russet and not look amiss. Available inContinue reading “painting: bay horse (06/10/2018)”