painting: black horse (02/20/2018)

I chose the colors for this one with the intent of using light-permeable colors — that is, ones where light flows through the color to the canvas and then bounces back out. Natural light is what makes original art seem to glow, and this use of the light is something that can’t be reproduced whenContinue reading “painting: black horse (02/20/2018)”

watching: The Age of Adaline (2015)

I was working on a full day of painting, and it always helps to put in a movie to give the brain something else to think about. The Age of Adaline (2015) was one I sort-of remember hearing, “That’s a good one,” but then it passed off my radar.  I noticed it at the library,Continue reading “watching: The Age of Adaline (2015)”

sewing: covered journal & mug rug

February is almost over and I am waaayy behind on my yearly sewing. This is it so far. This covered journal is to be my “house diary.” Where I put the paint chips from the hardware store and make notes of where the paint was purchased, and when the walls were painted. Or makes notesContinue reading “sewing: covered journal & mug rug”