painting: young lab mix (08/16/17)

I haven’t been showing off what I’m working on, so I’d better start doing that before people start thinking I’ve given up painting! I really am painting, but it’s either special requests or things I’m putting aside until closer to Christmas. I really should just list them as I go, right? Yeah, I will try to find time to take the photos. This summer is super busy! And I haven’t even been to the pool. How does this happen?


Didn’t she turn out beautifully? I was trying to use the technique, “scrumble,” which works really well with acrylic paints, but I found it doesn’t work so well with oils since the paints are too thin and wet and slow drying. So it took a LOT of time for the layers to dry, and then go back and add more. Also, I started out with a whole rainbow of colors in the blanket, but the reds covered up the other colors too well. Scrumbling definitely works best with acrylics, I would try this again only on a very limited basis with oils.

But I’m happy with how she turned out.  🙂


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