summer food: lo mein

I know, lo mein is a year round food and not just a summer food, isn’t it? We go to the restaurant for a girl’s-lunch treat now and then, and can share a plate of lo mein for $6. Quite the bargain. Now that the price of beef is going up up up, and as my friend with the 8 kids says, “Meat is a condiment in our house,” I thought I would explore cooking dishes with relatively little meat. Since we love lo mein at the restaurant, I thought it was time to make it myself.

I used this recipe, and success!


I did not have on hand: oyster sauce, sesame/peanut oil, and Asian chili paste. I found all of them at Walmart, however, so the ingredients are not difficult to find.

The first attempt I used more fresh ginger than the recipe calls for (I like fresh ginger), and then half as much the second attempt. Over-doing the ginger was not a great idea, I liked it much better with just a hint. And just a hint of the chili heat.

What’s great about this recipe is you can cook up twice as much as you need, and it makes a fabulous cold dish the following day. I am all about not cooking in the summer, am I right? And a cold noodle dish is sometimes better than a salad, because it’s more filling.

Lo mein is going to be on our table a lot this summer. Do you have any favorite dishes that serve well cold the second time? Please share!

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