springtime blooms

Yay, finally success coaxing blooms from the dogwood tree! This is spring four for the dogwood, and the first year to see flowers. I noted my neighbor had blooms the first spring after she put in her own tree, and asked her her secret. She loaned me some of her liquid tree/shrub fertilizer. Yes, it makes all the difference.


You can see the branches are very spindly, thinner than a pencil. It’s a very slow growing tree.


The tree trunk is the same diameter as a twenty-five-cent piece. I think the height is less than five feet. So I probably will never see it’s full potential, but you never know.


Most of my other neighbors have not bothered to landscape past grass and border flowers. I don’t know why not — time, I guess. But when you OWN a house, don’t you want to make it look really special?

This is spring seven for the lilac bush. I put it in at three-feet tall, and now it’s about six-feet tall.


I snapped the photo before cutting any of the blooms. Now I know: trim when it’s done blooming, and don’t do any pruning in the fall or you will get no flowers the next year.


All the gardening is a learning curve, isn’t it? I think it’s worth the effort.

I also snapped a few reference photos of the tulips, in case I feel like painting them later. The tulips are already bloomed and gone, so quick.


How is your garden coming along?


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