mspt: more potholders


I think I’ve blown through my potholder enthusiasm, but at least have finished about 10. Here’s the latest. Isn’t the main fabric pretty? It’s printed in Japan, and if I remember right, by a company named Pretty Poodle. Or else that is the design name, which makes no sense since it’s flowers, but coming from Japan maybe it makes perfect sense?


I designed the cupcake myself. Cupcakes are such a popular motif right now, I thought a potholder would be good. Not wanting to search online for a pattern, and then wait for shipment, I sketched up what I would have bought if I would have found it. A happy cupcake. I should have used a darker pink for the frosting; using extra-strong colors is always key to these designs.

And you can never go wrong with birds. Always cheerful, and fit in anywhere.


I found binding material that was just the right color. How lucky did I get?


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