a project comes together

Remember A-Team’s Hannibal saying every episode, “I love it when a plan comes together?” This is like that. Thrifting all those sheets and pillowcases years ago, and then wondering what I was going to do with them. Some sheets got made into the reverse side of quilting projects, or just projects where quality wasn’t important, but this time the thrifted sheets got to shine in their own right.


The little bits of lace in the pillowcase hems works particularly well, appearing as though I bothered to piece the flags just-so.


I did fancy-cut the triangles somewhat, to best display the patterns.


The backside of each triangle is a pattern I thought not-quite-so-nice as the front. But the bunting can be hung so it can be seen coming or going–in a doorway arch, or outside on an awning.


9-feet of shabby chic goodness.


Sewing took less than an afternoon, although I think there must be a trick to getting a really pointy point.


And do you like that scalloped top to the background wall paint? At first I thought I would put moulding up to differentiate between the white above and the lavender below, but then I saw that idea on a blog and thought, “Heck, paint is free, I already have that,” plus it looks much more shabby chic and playful, don’t you think?

So there is one wall mostly finished. Nothing is ever quite finished, don’t you know. But this is where that wall always meant to be.


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