springtime blooms

Yay, finally success coaxing blooms from the dogwood tree! This is spring four for the dogwood, and the first year to see flowers. I noted my neighbor had blooms the first spring after she put in her own tree, and asked her her secret. She loaned me some of her liquid tree/shrub fertilizer. Yes, itContinue reading “springtime blooms”


mspt: more potholders

I think I’ve blown through my potholder enthusiasm, but at least have finished about 10. Here’s the latest. Isn’t the main fabric pretty? It’s printed in Japan, and if I remember right, by a company named Pretty Poodle. Or else that is the design name, which makes no sense since it’s flowers, but coming fromContinue reading “mspt: more potholders”

painting: sorrel horse mane

I think every little girl first falls in love with horses because of all that pretty mane and tail. So flowing, so free, so beautiful. And then that horse wants to be your friend. . . ? What could be more perfect? I’ve captured that pretty mane in a more grown-up way. 12″x12″ oil onContinue reading “painting: sorrel horse mane”

a project comes together

Remember A-Team’s Hannibal saying every episode, “I love it when a plan comes together?” This is like that. Thrifting all those sheets and pillowcases years ago, and then wondering what I was going to do with them. Some sheets got made into the reverse side of quilting projects, or just projects where quality wasn’t important,Continue reading “a project comes together”

painting: a greyhound, and a palomino

I love painting evocative eyes, you know that. These have a particularly nice inner glow. 8″x10″ oil on canvas. Available now in my etsy shop.SOLD, THANK YOU I used a lot of bright spring/summer colors to create a big bright sunshine welcome. 18″x18″ oil on stretched canvas. Available nowSOLD, THANK YOU.