MSPT: pretty pot holders


Here’s what I’ve been making with all the embroidery: potholders. I was going to save these up and put them in my etsy shop closer to Christmas (hopefully I will have made a LOT more shabby chic items by then!), but then I was thinking these would be good as Mother’s Day presents, too.

Did you give your mom pot holders or kitchen towels for Mother’s Day? We did. I think because they were in our price range, but also because Mother was in the kitchen: Buy something she can use where she is! I know, that idea has probably gone by the wayside these days in lieu of other gifts, but if you were like me and gave pot holders as a gift, wouldn’t it be kind of cool to give a sophisticated one now in remembrance of those long ago days?

All of these will be listed in my etsy shop this week, I will list one per day. Each will be $23 including shipping. –Believe me, I am not getting rich off this price! Each one has quilt-shop quality fabric, a layer of mylar pot holder batting, a layer of cotton batting, and has been embroidered by hand by me. Some of them have a quilt binding around the outside edge, also hand sewn. I love to do this, so a lot of love has gone into each one. All are around 11″ square, give or take an inch.

Teapot. $23.


Coffee pot. $23.


Cardinal. $23.


Kitty ironing. $23.


Love bunnies. $23.


Bird in a heart. $23.


Kitty cooking. $23. Good for a glamping trailer!


If you want me to list any immediately, let me know and I will put it in my etsy shop right away. Are there more to come? Why of course! I’ve got about 8 more centers embroidered, and need to get more mylar batting and rick rack.

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