I haven’t disappeared

Sorry about the no posting, but I’ve just run out of things to say. I’m busy, but sometimes the little stuff just doesn’t seem important enough to mention. Last night we had ice, but tomorrow it should be 60 degrees. The tulips are emerging — and I didn’t even notice until a friend mentioned she saw hers already coming up. So I went out to look, and there they are! Every year fewer tulips, even though they are supposed to divide into new bulbs. They just dwindle.

So today the ice is melting and it’s raining, and tomorrow will be a pruning of all the old growth sort of day. Fall became too cold too quickly to attend to all of it, so now it needs to be done so the new growth can start. I’ve already seen whole flocks of robins roaming through the grass searching for bugs, so I know (and am grateful) winter is just about over.

I’ve pulled out the embroidery transfers and been working on a project for next Christmas. I’d like to open a second etsy store dedicate to handmade things, so I’ll be working in the background on lots of things between now and then. I don’t want to give out my ideas, though, and encourage my competition, so I’ll just show off bits and piece to prove I am actually working.

On this….

And this….

And this….

I’ve got at least 10 little things embroidered, so it’s a good start. I’ve got lots more energy and ideas than I had last year! Plus it’s only March. . . . This year feels full of possibilities, doesn’t it?


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