painting: palomino horse

Boy, we got hit with 12″ of snow and two days off of school, so far. Not bad! I hope you all are able to stay safe and warm. A painting a day isn’t a bad way to spend your time when you’re cooped up in the house. . . . Oil on stretched canvas,Continue reading “painting: palomino horse”


painting: appaloosa

Isn’t there a special kind of wildness to an appaloosa, an image of freedom and snowy walks and crisp air? Maybe today it’s not the case, unless you live in the right place where it’s still possible. Art captures those ideas for all time, though. You can contemplate at your leisure, and imagine. Appaloosa SwishContinue reading “painting: appaloosa”

Family Circle, 1970: the fashion

I finish off the 1970 issue of Family Circle with the fashion. Particularly because of this ad. It makes me think of the men of Mad Men sitting around the table with the Simplicity patterns bigwigs, palavering over the ad campaign. The Simplicity men say, “I don’t know. What are we selling? Is that oneContinue reading “Family Circle, 1970: the fashion”