time for knitting

Just in case it seems like I haven’t been doing anything other than painting, here’s some photo of the gloves I’ve been knitting for next Christmas.


I started with 44 stitches, ribbing knit two purl two, and put in two eight-stitch cables. Pretty easy to remember, as long as I remember, “Did I twirl the cable on row 11 or 12?”


I made one different pair (so far) using directions from knitty.com. In the end all those little cables just slowed me down too much, and I went back to my first version. Plus I changed the thumb because I didn’t understand the directions, but knew how to do what I did.


I used an inexpensive Red Heart yarn for the white, I bet I was going to get six or seven pairs out of that skein (one of those Really Big skeins from Walmart). I’ve given away three pairs already.



I find I can make one glove an evening, so a weekend is just right to finish a pair. I might be running out of steam on knitting for now, so I’m glad I got several gifts out of the way for next year!



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