Family Circle, 1970: the fashion

I finish off the 1970 issue of Family Circle with the fashion. Particularly because of this ad. It makes me think of the men of Mad Men sitting around the table with the Simplicity patterns bigwigs, palavering over the ad campaign.


The Simplicity men say, “I don’t know. What are we selling? Is that one of our patterns? I don’t think that’s one of our patterns. Why would we have an ad showing a dress that is NOT one of our patterns?”

Because that is what they should have done. There is no pattern number. But maybe it is one of their patterns? Let’s look at the print part of the ad:

    “If you want to look different these days you have a choice.
    #1. You can look ridiculous.
    #2. You can look like you came off an assembly line.
    Well, we think the secret to looking different is really looking like yourself. Because that never goes out of style. And that brings us to #3, the perfect answer. A Simplicity pattern.”

I still do not know if that shoe lace dress was a real pattern. Or an example of looking ridiculous. I’m stymied.

We move on to this hair spray advertisement. Nothing at all has changed in hair spray in 44 years!


You know the sauna belt must not have worked, or else they’d be worth millions now.


These last two I show as examples as how the photography itself hasn’t evolved. Maybe all that can be done with photography has been done? I’m not complaining, just interested that these are the same layouts used today.


And that completes our journey back to 1970. See also, here, here, here, and here.

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