painting: a Nubian goat, and princess dogs

We live in a particularly nice time in the history of the world, when whatever we want we can pretty much have (as long as we have the money). I was at the store at Christmas time, and picked up a toy model house which if you turned on the battery power, Santa rocked hisContinue reading “painting: a Nubian goat, and princess dogs”


and then my heart just about stopped

My heart stopped for just a second, anyway. Do you ever feel like that, that if you take a breath or look away the moment might be shattered and whatever you see might not really be true? That’s how I felt when I laid eyes on these patterns. Can you see view A? I thinkContinue reading “and then my heart just about stopped”

paintings: Golden Retriever, bay horse, coonhound

All these paintings are listed now in my etsy shop. I spent most of the week painting dogs, but had to fit in one horse because it just doesn’t feel right to not paint a horse. Golden Retriever, 12″x12″ oil on stretched canvas. Bay horse, 10″x10″, oil on stretched canvas. SOLD Coonhound, 10″x10″, oil onContinue reading “paintings: Golden Retriever, bay horse, coonhound”

paintings: a Westie, and a Heeler

I’ve been going to the local shelter to help socialize the dogs, and have been taking along my camera so I can capture their sweet faces. It breaks my heart to see each of them waiting there, so hopeful. Even the ones you know came from a bad background, they know there’s hope every timeContinue reading “paintings: a Westie, and a Heeler”

time for knitting

Just in case it seems like I haven’t been doing anything other than painting, here’s some photo of the gloves I’ve been knitting for next Christmas. I started with 44 stitches, ribbing knit two purl two, and put in two eight-stitch cables. Pretty easy to remember, as long as I remember, “Did I twirl theContinue reading “time for knitting”

paintings: Nubian goat, bunny, and a cowboy

Somehow all the sitting inside due to snow did not result in more paintings, because — snow days! I don’t get to sit and think and work on painting, it became, “Let’s go sledding!” and, “Let’s have a snow ball fight!” Which I guess is nothing to complain about. We found a long and fastContinue reading “paintings: Nubian goat, bunny, and a cowboy”

painting: black horse portrait

Yay, the snow is starting to melt here. We’re supposed to have temps up to fifty at the end of the week (although it looks like that is being revised downward, rats). I certainly like snow that hits quick, stays around a couple days, and then is gone. Yep, life is good. This is aContinue reading “painting: black horse portrait”