Family Circle, 1970: home tour

We look around the restored home of Olive and Richard Brose. “Says Richard: ‘We lived on the porch while we stripped the inside bare.'” And, “One of the masons even discovered a handsome fieldstone fireplace hidden behind a brick facade in the living room. When linoleum was ripped from the floors, lo and behold! lovely tulipwood boards lay beneath.”


Who wouldn’t love to move into this home today? Those timber beams? Hello? Me!


Man, they’ve done the restoration, and I’m sure in the 40+ years since these photos some lucky person has changed the color scheme. (You can never go wrong with white. Just saying.)


Look at that lovely hooked bird rug! The latticed cabinets, not so much.

And then a look at the owners who raise sheep. And Olive spins! Swoon!


The more things change, the more they stay the same, am I right?

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