Family Circle, 1970: the crafts

Talk about coming full circle, these are exactly the types of designs I see in craft blogland today. Slight changes to the color aesthetics, but the underlying design? Exactly the same.


Weird quilt shapes as needlepoint? Absolutely. What floors me is the suggestion to needlepoint 8 of these squares and sew them together and use them as an area rug. Hundreds of hours to needlepoint, just to let the family TROMP over it? I bet it never happened.


Folksy design like these embroideries are back in style, big time. I’d make 4 out of those 6 designs in a heartbeat!


The techniques used for these wall hangings I see all over the place, too. Colors different, but yeah, I can see these hanging on today’s walls.

And be still my heart:


These are very “modern” applique design. Am I right? Oh, and take another look at that wonky sugar bowl! I can’t decide whether I like it, or it’s hideous…maybe a little of both?

Lastly, the quilt you “quilt” square by square. Nope, no directions on how to actually do it, you had to mail away for instructions. Look at that collection of clocks hanging on the wall. Can’t you see today’s designers suggesting, “Group clocks together for a satisfying assemblage piece.” And that bed frame? Helloooo, Sergeant Pepper! The lightbulb shape on the side table I have to guess is actually a lamp? No, that will probably not be making a comeback!


All of these projects you had to write away for instructions, there’s a coupon on one of the last pages. I wonder if I mailed it in if I’d receive anything back? Some clerk, puzzled, shrugs and goes to look in the old file cabinets under #17655, and actually finds something? Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

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