Family Circle, 1970

Our library has a bin where people put their used magazines so other people can pick through and take what they can use. Needless to say, we come home with ARMLOADS of magazines to be cut apart and used in craft projects. On the one hand, yay, and on the other, all those bits of paper on the floor….

We found a gem from 1970. You and I will spend some time with it this week!

Can you imagine 20-cents for a magazine? I wonder what the gas price was per gallon in 1970? I wonder if the price of a magazine today is not twice the price of a gallon of gas?


Look at that daisy afghan! The gizmo that makes the yarn pompoms ought to totally be re-marketed for today’s crafter, because this thing would be a hit again! The colors changed a little, maybe in pastels? I would totally make this! There’s no instructions in the magazine, you had to mail away for a kit: $17.95. Again, what is that in today’s dollars if the price of the mag is 20-cents? Whoa! You had your choice of colors: yellow, shown, or blue, rose, gold, or orange. After you made all the pompom daisies, you crocheted them together as demonstrated by the woman on the cover. Can you imagine that model could be a great-grandmother now? It makes your head spin! Or mine, anyway.

I remember a friend’s mom had this afghan in the works and we would sit and make pompoms. Or just fool with the yarn, I don’t quite remember. I don’t think she ever finished the afghan, or at least I don’t remember ever seeing it displayed. Hmm, maybe I do remember it on the foot of her bed….in the yellow daisies, as shown.

Next up, a tawdry headline:


Fake counselors? How could that be? The article says there were only 15 licensed therapists that year, and you knew you were seeing a quack if he tried to persuade you to “go outside your marriage” to find personal satisfaction. Particularly with the therapist, if you know what I mean, wink wink. Good thing these things are regulated now so that would never happen!

And then an ad. You would think this was an advertisement for tea, maybe, wouldn’t you? The pretty model chilling on the photoshoot set? No, it’s an ad for Tampax.


I mostly bring your attention to it because: Keds! And also, don’t you think that looks like Jodi Foster? She’d be about the right age, and didn’t she start out as an actress/model?


What do you think? I think so.

More Family Circle goodness to come!

2 thoughts on “Family Circle, 1970

  1. I have enjoyed your posts on the Family Circle magazine. I remember my mom getting the magazine-she saved the ones with the good craft ideas. The front of this issue looks very familiar. 😉

    I thought the same thing about Jodie Foster but it couldn’t have been her-she was 8 in 1970. My surprise was the dress with the open side panels..1970. It was my coming of age time (the first year I learned what radio music was) but no that time? Hmmm. 😀 I remember there were some advertisers who were pushing the envelope.

    Oh, and I never remember seeing a sugar dish quite like the one in the photo. Thanks for bringing a few memories back. – Amy 😀

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